XAMPP / WAMP problem with port 80

I tried to install XAMPP on a Vista machine but I couln’t get the apache web server running. Port 80 was already used by another process. Since I have not installed the usual suspect Skype, I installed WAMP which comes with a port check tool that gives more detailed information than the one in XAMPP. And it told me the service using port 80 was microsoft-httpapi/2.0. After some googeling I learned that this is the SQL Server Reporting Services service from my SQL Server 2008 installation. To solve the problem do the following:

  • Open the SQL Server Configuration Manager
  • Double-click on SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Stop the service
  • On Tab Service changed the start mode to manual

Then port 80 is not used anymore and XAMPP and WAMP can be used without problems.

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