Vista was not that bad

So Windows 7 finally arrived. I am really looking forward to it. But I have to say, Vista was not that bad. Especially since Service Pack 2. Ok, you really needed a powerful machine.

One of the small things I really liked in Vista was a small improvement in the Explorer. Not Internet Explorer, but the file manager. When you moved up to a parent folder, the folder you came from got selected. This made a quick navigation in complex folder structures possible.

XP on the contrary always selected the first file in the list which made navigating in folders cumbersome. There was no way around using a third party file manager.

Anyway, nice to see that Windows 7 Explorer does it the same way Vista did.

Theory of Relativity In Words of Four Letters or Less

Just remembered a site I found a few months ago and I had to re-read it right now:

Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity In Words of Four Letters or Less

The creator of this document explains Einstein’s Theory of Relativity by using only words of four letters or less. It is fascinating to see how this leads to very easy understandable sentences. Though I have to admin that I still don’t get the whole theory. Guess I have to read it again.

Here’s an example:

Say you woke up one day and your bed was gone. Your room, too. Gone. It’s all gone. You wake up in an inky void. Not even a star. Okay, yes, it’s a dumb idea, but just go with it. Now say you want to know if you move or not. Are you held fast in one spot? Or do you, say, list off to the left some? What I want to ask you is: Can you find out? Hell no. You can see that, sure.

jQuery submit() on form element does not work

If you encounter the strange behaviour that a call to submit() on a form element does not work, one possible reason could be that you have an input element with the name “submit” in your form, mostlikely a submit button. Change the name attribute of that element to something else and the submit() will work.

This just happend to me and it took quite a while to figure out what the problem was.

Apart from that jQuery really rocks!