Strange search results with

I recently searched for ‘jquery‘ at I expected to get the jQuery homepage as first hit, or at least as one of the first hits. I was wrong. The jQuery homepage wasn’t even on the first page. It was listed on page 5. How could not list such a popular website on top position? Google does…

Btw, the same happens for a search for ‘openoffice‘.

I guess I better switch back to Google 🙂

Effective Tree Structures In Relational Databases

Joe Celko explains the Nested Set Model. It is an alternative way of storing tree-structured data in relational databases. The main benefit is that it allows you to make queries that would be hard or impossible if you follow the classic approach i.e. storing the parent id in each node. One example: with the nested set model it is easy to select all children recursive of a given node.

Fog Creek Software uses this approach in FogBugz.